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Portraits are people made bigger than life through photography. We are old school about our portraits. We believe that anytime and anywhere reportage works well and master planning makes it better. We aren’t shy about pushing the portraits past the limits of what you might expect. Diligence and creativity are the magic words in portraiture.

How would portraits of your family look if they were produced by one of the best editorial advertising photographers in the USA?

Dan Raabe Photography, which is me of course, is how I market my commercial photography. I have a whole life time of advertising experience that includes Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Texaco, Mitsubishi, CBS/Sony Records, Porsche… Having produced for advertising in Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo I’m fairly confident that I can reach any market.

The Kids And Doggs Studio is all about portraits of kids, families and pets. Whether we work on location outdoors or in the studio hands down kids are the best subjects. How did I go from motorcycles and international brands to kids? I am so glad you asked. I am a kid. Always. Rock and roll, famous people and reportage have always provided me with my best work in photography.

Photo by Photo is a retouching service for photography. I like the photos that are truly finished. Sometimes it’s a hair in the wrong place and occasionally it borders on photo-illustration, collage, and special effects. All it takes is a computer and a decade of experience to make your vision come true.