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Today's photographer: Think fast, take the picture, make it better. 


A good photographer knows that successful images happen in the camera, not in Photoshop. Having the tools and experience to make the best images and photo illustrations in the world is good, but working from great concepts is better.

Creativity? You either have it naturally or you have to work for it. I had to work for it. I'm old school. I started with film. Do you understand photography in the context of film and digital production? I do. I use both. Everything magic happens in my digital darkroom.

You can reach me for a consult, or a creative discussion at (303) 880-4641. I'll be fair and honest about your creative project.

You can also email me at [email protected]  I answer all emails promptly.

Photography by Dan Raabe




Dan is from Colorado. He has lived and worked in three of the largest media cities on the planet -Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo. He began his career with Kodachrome and today has a fully digital production company. He has photographed everything from ice cream to motorcycles to rock 'n roll.... "It takes a lot of work to work as a photographer. 90% of the time I spend 50% of my effort solving the visual concept and the other half delivering it. There is no clear beginning or end to the work. It's as if there is a volume knob that neither shuts down the action, nor dials all the way up. I never met a picture that I didn't like. But I also never met a picture that I felt couldn't be better in some important way."